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Giving health the power to make better business decisions

Giving health the power to make better business decisions


Ensure optimisation of funding, data quality, and workforce efficiency, with one view of your Health Information Management activities

Code Focus is your window to clinical and financial data.

Code Focus receives real-time updates as episodes are coded, giving you instant access to your hospital’s performance position.

Executives and Health Information Managers alike, can access clinical auditing data including DRG changes and financial / weighted uplift, to understand HIM department impact to hospital business outcomes, and empower better business decisions.

The Code Focus feedback loop enables coders and auditors to continually improve, resulting in first time metrics for a skillful coding working force.

Code Focus also provides the tools for a successful Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) program.

Code Focus provides an integrated view of every step of the coding–auditing–reporting process.

It will quickly become your go-to Health Information Management program.

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