Real-time audit and management tool


Ensure optimisation of revenue, funding and workforce efficiency

Code Focus receives real-time updates as episodes are coded, giving you instant access to your hospital’s budget position

Hospital executives through to Health Information Managers can access their clinical auditing data to assess performance and determine if corrective measures are required. 

Code Focus quickly becomes your go-to program to optimise funding and revenue performance.

The quality of your Health Information teams’ coding continually improves through the Code Focus feedback loop, resulting in time savings from an ever increasingly efficient workforce.

Code Focus is your real-time auditing tool


 Create your own audit rules, configure multiple audit rules and view them in real-time. 



Continuous education loop for education and ‘first time right’ approach. Opportunity for HIMs to learn and grow.



Manage queries, track progress and status flow through to completion all in one place.



Multiple configurable reports. Get the information you need at your fingertips.

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