Get instant access to your hospital’s
budget position



As each episode is coded and audited, Code Focus keeps a running total of your Activity Based Funding budget vs actual budget, giving you real-time access to these figures to assess performance and determine if corrective measures are required. Uncover funding that was unable to be determined at the time of coding. Code Focus is your go-to financial performance and KPI tool.


Code Focus can be accessed remotely by users, enabling everyone to stay connected and informed while working from home.

Code Focus provides you with real-time information so that you can ensure the number of employees is appropriate for the coding and auditing workload. Your Health Information Services team can utilise worklists to prioritise and allocate high-value coding and auditing work, providing more value to your healthcare organisation.



With Code Focus, your Auditors are able to create their own Audit rules to target specific coding errors to ensure coding standards are being applied as required. Spend less time on low value manual data input tasks and more time auditing, so your team can achieve high quality data, which in turn can also ensure correct funding for your organisation. 


Code Focus allows Health Information Managers and Clinical Coders to learn and grow as they use the system due to the real-time feedback loop

With Code Focus, your team works towards a ‘first time right’ approach, as communication and feedback between Coders and Auditors is supported via the system. This  continuous feedback enables Coders  to further their education and apply their learnings to reduce future errors. This provides a continuous education loop and increases the quality of your coding.



With its real-time cloud-based approach, Code Focus improves communication between users. With the click of a button, easily track the progress of an item, request feedback and review feedback provided.

Code Focus is your real-time clinical
coding auditing tool

Real-time updates as episodes are coded, giving you instant access to your hospital’s budget position
Throw away those spreadsheets. Code Focus is a cloud-based program that you can access anywhere, anytime
Multiple configurable reports. Get the information you need at your fingertips
Manage queries, track progress and status flow through to completion all in one place
Review your ABF budget vs actual budget with the click of a button
Uncover funding that was unable to be determined at the time of coding
Continuous education loop and ‘first time right’ approach. Opportunity for HIMs to learn and grow
Code Focus is for Hospital executives, Health Information Managers and Clinical Coders

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