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Get real-time auditing of your clinical coding

Find out how Code Focus can help optimise your health information management. In our demo, I’ll show you how Code Focus can help you:

  • Create your own audit rules, configure multiple audit rules at once, target auditing with the click of a button and more.
  • Create a continuous education loop and increase the quality of your coding.
  • Get access to real-time configurable reports giving you the information you need at your fingertips.
  • Avoid revenue leakage by uncovering funding that wasn’t determined at the time of coding.

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Throw away those spreadsheets

With Code Focus your coding and auditing work queues are created automatically.

Code Focus transforms health services operations to deliver quality clinical coding. We help you leverage your most strategic asset: real-time data. Create your own audit rules, configure multiple audit rules at once, target auditing with the click of a button, and more.

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Callum Haggerty

Callum Haggerty

Head of Health Products and Services

Robert is the Head of Health Products and Services, supporting our clients in the Health sector to optimise their performance through the better use of their data. He is passionate about supporting organisations to make a lasting change through improved processes which ultimately leads to an increase in his clients’ customers’ satisfaction levels. Robert has worked in a variety of industries including financial services, healthcare and utilities.


Code Focus allows you to create your own audit rules using a combination of episode attributes. For example, utilise ICD-10 diagnostic and procedure codes, DRGs, ECCS, Specialties, Length of Stay to flag episodes for audit, or choose other options from the extensive list of attributes available to Code Focus users. 

With Code Focus, your audit work queues are created automatically and all information required to audit is contained in a single view, streamlining your workflow.

Code Focus retains details of DRG and coding changes and automatically calculates funding changes and differences, enabling historical review and insightful reporting.


Code Focus allows you to:

  • Create audit rules that will automatically identify episodes that meet the audit rule criteria and flag them for audit.
  • Set up different audit work queues such as default audit list, priority lists, outstanding queries and overdue audits.
  • Targeted auditing by narrowing your audit results with concise audit rules.
  • Avoid revenue leakage by uncovering funding that was unable to be determined at the time of coding.


Code Focus receives real-time updates as episodes are discharged and coded.

This allows you to automate and streamline clinical coding allocation by setting up coding worklists using specialty, terminal digit, patient class or any other attribute that is commonly used to assign episodes to coders. This means coders can simply log in each day and view a concise list of episodes to be coded.

Code Focus allows you to flag medical record deficiencies such as missing documentation, administrative issues and clinical documentation integrity issues in one centralised location. Code Focus also assists in queries management and storing of documentation query templates for easy access. Use Code Focus to track the status of documentation queries, analyse commonly sent queries and review clinician and specialty documentation performance. 

Utilise the timesheet functionality within Code Focus to analyse time spent on different activities to help improve the efficiency of your department or justify needs for additional resources.