Streamline your workflow and increase the accuracy and reliability of your clinical coding data

Get real-time auditing of your clinical coding

Find out how Code Focus can help optimise your health information management. In our demo, I’ll show you how Code Focus can help you:

  • Create your own audit rules, configure multiple audit rules at once, target auditing with the click of a button and more.
  • Create a continuous education loop and increase the quality of your coding.
  • Get access to real-time configurable reports giving you the information you need at your fingertips.
  • Avoid revenue leakage by uncovering funding that wasn’t determined at the time of coding.

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Who Will You Be Talking To?

Callum Haggerty

Callum Haggerty

Code Focus, Business Development Manager

“As the Business Development Manager at Data Agility’s Code Focus group, I speak to many Hospital Information Services (HIS) staff about the challenges they face – from meeting code auditing deadlines, to weeding out missing documentation and maintaining high outputs with 100% accuracy.

What has stood out is that most Hospital Information Managers (HIMs) understand how a digital model can achieve greater efficiencies and accuracy. They just don’t know exactly how much a digital transformation can achieve or how to get it off the ground.

That’s why I’ve written this document. I hope it will give you and your colleagues a better understanding towards the beauty of a digital coding auditing platform.”