Code Focus can integrate with all major health information systems in your hospital

What we integrate with


How we can help you

Hospitals have complex information ecosystems, with numerous departments, specialties, and stakeholders working in tandem to provide the best patient care with high quality data.

However, using disparate health information systems can result in inefficiencies, errors, and delays. Critical patient information may be trapped in silos, leading to redundant data entry, compromised patient safety, and unnecessary stress on resources.

Data Agility, the team behind Code Focus, can harness the full power of your complex systems through integration.

Our expert team of Health Information Managers, Data Analytics Specialists, and Health Integration Specialists will assess your current tools and design solutions to optimise your hospital’s architecture and processes.

What your hospital gets

Code Focus clients have reduced their Discharge to Coding time by 40%. One client reduced their time from 55 to 17 days.

Hospital data integration offers numerous advantages:

  • Streamlined workflows lead to increased productivity and better work quality, cost savings as well as improved operational processes.
  • Seamless system connectivity across departments results in minimised errors due to miscommunication or incomplete information.
  • HL7 Messaging achieves real time data transfer from the PAS. So hospital leaders acquire timely, actionable insights for better decisions on patient care, funding strategies and operational efficiency.

Reshape your hospital’s healthcare information. Forge a future where integrated technology enables you to focus on what truly matters: the health and well-being of your patients.