The Healthcare CFO Guide

The Healthcare CFO Guide

Maximise the benefits of your health information management team to unlock operational efficiencies and extract more value out of budgets and resources.

Modern healthcare is a complex and rapidly changing environment. At the helm of a hospital’s financial management, a Chief Financial Officer must steer the institution towards fiscal sustainability whilst finding solutions to numerous challenges through high quality data.

This is where the crucial work of Health Information Services (HIS) teams comes in. 

The HIS department can be a goldmine of reporting and data for the CFO. After all, coding affects Activity Based Funding (ABF), which ultimately leads to better business outcomes.

We have compiled the insights and tips in our CFO Guide series into one ebook. Plus, a useful checklist.

The ebook delves into: 

  • How to maximise your operational budget by optimising HIS workflows and processes
  • Ways to improve hospital funding with better HIS department reporting and data
  • The 13 essential metrics to optimise operational budget and funding

Why You Should Download This Free Guide

Callum Haggerty

Callum Haggerty

Code Focus, Business Development Manager

“In the complex landscape of modern healthcare, financial management plays a pivotal role in a hospital’s operational success and ability to deliver optimal patient care. 

As the leader behind the institution’s financial decision-making, Chief Financial Officers bear the responsibility of steering the organisation towards fiscal sustainability. 

The work of Health Information Management (HIM) teams emerges as a crucial component to unlock innovative financial efficiencies, thus helping CFOs extract more value out of budgets and resources.“ 

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