Code Focus is for Hospital Executives,
Health Information Managers and
Clinical Coders


Executive Team

Get access to real-time configurable reports with Code Focus, giving you the information you need at your fingertips.

By capturing all of your health service’s important operational data, Code Focus can report back and provide significant insight to the things that matter the most. Actively manage your budget, monitor departmental performance or identify staff who require support or additional training.

As each episode is coded, Code Focus keeps a running total of your ABF budget vs actual budget, giving Hospital Executives and Health Information Managers real-time access to these figures to assess performance or determine if corrective measures are required. Uncover funding that was unable to be determined at the time of coding. Code Focus is your go-to financial performance and KPI tool.

HIM Team

Code Focus is designed for Health Information Managers and Clinical Coders, giving you real-time access to your clinical coding and auditing data.

Whether you need a coding status update or a report on unanswered  documentation queries, Code Focus has it covered with the click of a button.  

Code Focus transforms health services operations to deliver quality clinical coding. Create your own audit rules, provide real-time feedback to coders, utilise coding worklists to meet coding deadlines, create documentation queries and flag medical record deficiencies, and more.

Increase the accuracy and reliability of your clinical coding data, resulting in high quality data, while ensuring your hospital receives accurate levels of funding.


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