Guide to digital transformation in clinical code auditing

The ultimate guide to digital transformation in clinical code auditing

Learn how your organisation can finally save more time, optimise workflows and funding, and lift its KPIs.

The need for more efficient code auditing isn’t going away

In this guide, discover how a digital model can help your organisation’s health information management team achieve greater efficiencies and accuracy by:

  • Reducing human error for more reliable data and accurate reporting
  • Automating clerical tasks for a more efficient HIS team
  • Improving coding performance with a ‘first time right approach’
  • Identifying knowledge and performance gaps to act on adjustments as necessary
  • Ensuring accurate reporting of Hospital Acquired Complications (HACs) and re-admissions

Why You Should Download This Free Guide

Callum Haggerty

Callum Haggerty

Code Focus, Business Development Manager

“As the Business Development Manager at Data Agility’s Code Focus group, I speak to many Hospital Information Services (HIS) staff about the challenges they face – from meeting code auditing deadlines, to weeding out missing documentation and maintaining high outputs with 100% accuracy.

What has stood out is that most Hospital Information Managers (HIMs) understand how a digital model can achieve greater efficiencies and accuracy. They just don’t know exactly how much a digital transformation can achieve or how to get it off the ground.

That’s why I’ve written this document. I hope it will give you and your colleagues a better understanding towards the beauty of a digital coding auditing platform.”

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