Enabling Transformation with Data Governance

The City of Greater Geelong recognised that embedding data governance is critical to their transformation.

Learn how we equipped the City with a suite of data governance documents and process guidelines, as well as tools to enable inhouse staff training and a workforce that values data governance.


The City of Greater Geelong has undertaken a large enterprise Transformation Program. The City had developed a draft data governance framework that set out the data governance vision, objectives, and principles, plus a high-level data governance operating model. The framework also set out a series of activities
and tools, and called out the need for policies and procedures.

The draft data governance framework had been defined, but not yet implemented.

As a member of the Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) panel for IT Services, Data Agility was appointed to help with the implementation of this framework. Enabling the City of Greater Geelong to establish data governance as an operational capability and a business-as-usual-practice.


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